Since 1998, cultural work for migrant women* has been a focal point of maiz. We try to develop and follow strategies in our work that facilitate the active participation of migrants as protagonists.

The active involvement of migrant women* in cultural work, from the initial development phase and conceptual design to the organization and eventual realization of cultural projects, significantly contributes to their political articulation.

We oppose policies that reduce us to mere objects in cultural displays and we advocate for a critical examination of racism and sexism practices as well as transphobia, homophobia and other forms of discrimination. We resolutely reject stereotypical, folkloristic displays of migrant women* in order to be publicly heard.

Funding for cultural political work still is scarce. As a self-organization maiz not only has to fight for recognition but first and foremost for the constant financial support of migrant women*. Our production of culture and art derives from the resistance against our own precarity and leads into progressive activism.

In November 2010 we were granted the Austrian Federal Ministry's Award for Education, Arts and Culture for our project WIR und IHRtum.