in 1994

In 1994, our self-organized association began to analyze our own situations as migrant women in Austria – as workers in the sex industry, as cleaners for leasing companies, as cleaning and nursing staff in offices and homes, as caregivers in the health and care sector, but also as illegalized persons, as asylum-seekers, as unemployed persons, as housewives, as students, as academics...


We are fighting for the legal and social betterment of all migrant women, and we actively engage in social conflicts related to migration and (anti-)racism. Besides counseling and education services, our work here includes: political cultural work, public actions and scientific research projects.


We place ourselves in opposition to the victim discourse and voyeurism of the media and focus on protagonism, self-articulation and collective action.


The important thing to us is the debate among migrant women themselves. Within the tension of all the existing contradictions, we are trying to create collective spaces for sharing in order to promote the interests of migrant women and in order to and making their demands public