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Intercultural qualification for migrant women in order to ease their excess into the health- and care sector

The PreQual-Course is a prequalification course for migrant women which is designed to facilitate their entrance into vocational training and professions in the health and care sector. The content of the curriculum encompasses a series of modules which provide insight into the health & care sector from intercultural perspective. The PreQual course serves as a preparation for further training in the field. By dealing with discrimination and racism in the labor market the course also offers the possibility to strengthen migrant womens position in Austria. A certificate of participation is issued upon completion of the course.
Structure of the course:
20 hours per week theory. Attendance is compulsory
2 weeks of internships in hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes as well as other institutions (40 hrs/week)

Information: 0732/ 776070-23

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Project coordination: Lic.a Florina Platzer

Ein Projekt von
seit 2009 - laufend