Maiz is a registered association. Maiz is participatory and collectively organized. Several groups and organs determine the actions of maiz.

Management Board
The maiz Board of Management meets with the team the political and strategic decisions during a working year.
It consists of representatives from members and experts from other political and social spheres.

The team conducts collectively the business and activities of maiz.
It deals with organizational processes, the various offers and activities and represents the first point of contact for clients as well as external inquiries. We also conduct political research, work and actions in a joint arrangement.

Once a year, we meet for a General Meeting.
The task of this assembly is, among other things, the election of a board of directors as well as the admission of new members in maiz.

Visitors, critics, friends, pupils, etc. also determine the actions of maiz through their questions, their critical co-operation, their voluntary commitment.

Board members since July 2017 Marina Grzinic (Obfrau)
Celsa Castillo (Kassierin)
Mag.a Waltraud Ernst (Schriftführerin)
Fr. Gerhilde Merz
Rocío del Rio Lorenzo

Advisory Board Amalia Barboza Maria do Mar Castro Varela
Mag.a Danielli Cavalcanti Nikita Dhawan
Mag.a Petja Dimitrova
Mag.a Vivian di Iorio
Mag.a Assimina Gouma Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez Sushila Mesquita
Mag.a Aretha Schwarzbach-Apithy
MA. Adriana Torres Topaga

Coordination (= management)
Lic.a Florina Platzer
Letícia Carneiro

Area coordinators
Consultation, and Education: Mag.a Florina Plazer
Youth: Martina Lorenc
Sex & Work and Communication Assistance: Letícia Carneiro

Culture: Lia Kastiyo-Spinósa
Financial assistance:
Rudolf Danielczyk

Working at maiz

  • employed: 12 employees (of which 8 are female migrants)
  • voluntary: 5 people regularly, punctually working much more
  • an honorarium on a regular basis, many fees are project-related
  • every year some interns temporary