Wir sind ein unabhängiger Verein von und für Migrantinnen mit dem Ziel, die Lebens- und Arbeitssituation von Migrant*innen in Österreich zu verbessern und ihre politische und kulturelle Partizipation zu fördern sowie eine Veränderung der bestehenden, ungerechten gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse zu bewirken.

Team   Geschichte


As part of our counseling work we develop, together with migrant women, strategies to support the articulation and improvement of their life and work situations. Our counseling services are anonymous and partisan, with the goal of enforcing the rights of migrants. In doing so, strengthening migrant women as political subjects in their private, occupational and social lives is our most important concern.

Parallel to the very first German course in 1995, the course participants also requested related counseling. Since then, we have made counseling services by and for migrant women a central focus in our work at maiz.

Active participation of migrant women in cultural work – starting with the development phase to the point of the realization of a cultural project – plays an important part regarding the development of political articulation.

maiz’s educational activities are aimed at migrant women and youth in order to support them both linguistically and socio-culturally for the demands of everyday life as well as for the labor market.

From the very beginning maiz has published academic theoretical articles in the course of its activities (e.g. in the course of project work for media, courses and workshops, artistic interventions etc.)

The youth projects offer young people an opportunity to articulate their concerns publicly, in their words. Topics such as exclusion, isolation, racism, sexism, identity, awareness, recognition are discussed again and again.