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migrazine - Online Magazine by Migrant Women* for Everyone is a multilingual magazine and alternative media platform that deals with migration-related phenomena as well as socio-political issues. migrazine went online for the first time in 2009, published by maiz (Autonomous Center by & for Migrant Women) in Linz, Austria, born out of a desire to make critical migrant voices more audible in the media and to stand up against the clichéd portrayal of migrants.

migrazine understands the category "migrant" as a political identity, i.e. as an "indication of an oppositional location" and in the sense of "feminist and anti-racist partisanship" (FeMigra). Above all, migrazine has been fighting - since its foundation - for the development of basic conditions that can contribute to the participation and articulation of migrants as protagonists and actors in the media. 

migrazine started with the aim to give the readers the opportunity to get to know migrants' perspectives on the topics mentioned. Special attention was paid to the topic "Life in Austria", where the participating women* had the chance to publish their (mostly hidden) migration diaries and experiences. In doing so, they encouraged others to articulate themselves and allowed insights into their experiences beyond projection and prejudice.

Today migrazine is published once to twice a year and includes various formats, such as reports, essays, analyses, interviews, poems, and artistic works. The section "Fokus" deals with the respective emphasis of the issue, on the basis of texts from invited authors, activists, and professionals. The other section is "Crossover," which is more of an open platform in which different contents come together. 

In addition to its numerous (partly voluntary) employees and authors, there is a small paid editorial team. Since 2019, Ezgi Erol, Lia Kastiyo-Spinósa, and Ivana Marjanović are in the editorial team.

migrazine was awarded with the MigAward in the category media in 2014. migrazine is currently published by maiz - Autonomous Center of and for Migrant Women in Linz, das kollektiv - critical educational, counseling and cultural work by and for migrant women  in Linz and teneke - Association for the Promotion of Art, Culture, Science, and Communication in Vienna. 

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